Lederville has 6 registered pure bred Brangus bulls with Bonox, Riverview, Boonderoo and Valley View bloodlines to put over 158 enrolled Brangus and 250 commercial Brangus breeders, working towards a full herd of registered Brangus Stud Cattle.

Why Brangus?


Being naturally polled Brangus genes eliminate the requirement to dehorn calves, less handling and labour and the cowherd is easier to handle and hide damage is minimised.


Solid Black or Red, Brangus can increase uniformity in calf crops for sale yard presentation advantages.


The easy calving qualities of the Brangus' breed combined with its milking ability, fertility and mothering ability combine to produce a calving percentage that is rarely equaled or bettered.


Australian Brangus have the flexibility to be used as a maternal base, a terminal sire line or as a pure self replacing herd. This provides valuable options for producers in current climatic environments.


Heat and parasite tolerance and an ability to walk and forage give Brangus cattle the ability to handle the toughest grazing conditions. Australian Brangus can be bred with varying Bos lndicus content so breeders from Tasmania to the Queensland gulf country can confidently select a Brangus for their conditions.


The marbling and tenderness qualities of the Angus breed have been demonstrated to be present in the Brangus carcase. A powerful combination with excellent growth rates affording producer's turnoff versatility with their calf drop.

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